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"It's deep and dangerous, but you'll be OK, just keep cool," says Quinton, the dive master, looking us over speculatively and sizing up who could be the weakest link when the pressure came on."

Hole New World

Divers have long been fascinated by Belize's mysterious Blue Hole. Maggi Jones takes the plunge into this shadowy abyss.


Blue Hole, Belize Feature


Romania Feature

" I pushed onwards and upwards until I finally drew out of the trees to be presented with a landscape below that made me gasp at its beauty"

In Dracula's Shadow

Maggi Jones discovers pastoral perfection on a visit to the province of Maramures in Romania

"The Park includes 22 miles of hiking trails amidst towering cedars, rose gardens, an aquarium, cricket fields, totem poles and a wonderful six mile seawall that you can walk, roller blade or cycle along"

High on Life

Maggi Jones visisted Vancouver and found that the west coast lifestle exceeded all her expectations.


Canada Feature


Malta Feature

"In case you thought that Malta was little more than a rocky cluster, be assured it has vestiges of stone age temples, ancient Phoenician influences, and once flirted with the Roman empire; and that's all before the dawn of a new millennium"

An Ancient Land

Maggi Jones discovers fine restaurants, ancient history, exquisite architecture and a thriving cafe culture on the island of Malta


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